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Creating a suitable substrate for membrane installation. Matrix roofing + waterproofing, inc.

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Installing a tpo metal retrofit system 1 2 attachment:

Tpo roof cover board. The weatherbond tpo membrane can be mechanically The plate is designed to be used with ultrafast #12 or #14 fasteners. Also the use of the roof would determine how the board is to be secured.

It is a small church and they have been promised free membrane by the manufacturer but the accessories and labor is on them. 3 (7.62 cm) nominal square metal. Ardex hd cover board is a (12.7 mm) thick polyiso insulation designed for use as a cover board.

A cover board is usually made out of gypsum and works better to reinforce the membrane than insulation alone. This will save you money from completely tearing off the existing roof and installing a new tpo system. Adding durability to the system.

The cover board isn’t always necessary, but is highly recommended when the roof is going to be exposed to. Project type roof replacement roof repair roof maintenance restoration / energy efficiency solar don’t know. The membranes are attached to the substrate using a particularly strong adhesive that produces a chemical link with the tpo when the tpo roof is fully adhered.

For any warrantable 20 year ultraply tpo roof system, the ultrablend system is an option for wall flashings and details. The existing roof is fully adhered 45 mil tpo. The building is more susceptible to hail, fi re and wind damage.

Put a cover board 1/2 hd iso, dens deck or put a 1 regular iso, and you'll be fine with a good substrate. Without a cover board, the roof is missing added durability; Are you adhering or fastening your cover board?

Hail is damaging to insulation, but by using a cover board, the impact is minimized. (flute fill required) up to 20 up to 20 up to 20 up to 20 up to 20 induction welded tpo or pvc (without new insulation) n/a n/a n/a up to 15 n/a n/a mechanically attached tpo, epdm, or pvc (without new insulation) n/a n/a up to 15 (epdm & tpo only) In this case, if there’s only one roofing system in place, is to install a cover board over the tpo roof, cut the flashings off, and then install a spray foam roofing system.

What is the use of the roof, that would somewhat determine the type of cover board to be used. I took a look at a job yesterday. Ardex hd provides the highest thermal performance when compared to other 12.7mm roof cover boards.

Discussion starter · #1 · mar 30, 2012. Insulation damage results in a reduction of the roof’s thermal resistance, or r. Information ardex tpo hd cover board.

Even if the roof is aged significantly or has sustained damage from weather and accidents over the yeas, roofing recovery board can help restore it to a usable state once more. Roof cover boards have a variety of uses within a roof system: Densdeck ® roof boards are fm tested and approved as the only 1/2 gypsum product to meet the calorimeter requirements for conventionally insulated decks.

The term “mechanically attached roof” refers to the. Densdeck ® roof boards can replace any generic type x gypsum board in. Contact the roof system solutions group at firestone building products for additional information.

It is a 5 year old failed tpo roof, due to idiot installers. Before your contractor starts installing a tpo roof, the existing substrate is prepared by cleaning or removing existing roof. Even if the roof is aged significantly or has sustained damage from weather and accidents over the yeas, roofing recovery board.

The plate is designed to be used with ultrafast #12 or #14 fasteners. Now, you can install the tpo in three different ways. Cover boards also serve as critical components helping extend the life of a roof.

Densdeck stormx is extremely durable and is approved for use in assemblies meeting fm’s. Greenguard pb6hd roofing cover board. Induction welded tpo, or pvc with carlisle securshield® hd or approved cover board up to 20 yr.

The methods are fully adhered, mechanically attached, and ballasted. The plate is used for fastening invinsa® roof board to the roof deck in fully adhered single ply systems. Since then, cover boards have been commonly used to add durability to roof systems and have become a widely accepted roof component that adds a variety of attributes to commercial roof design.

Hail damage on a roof without a cover board can easily pierce the insulation, which will increase the heat flow through it, thereby adding to the building’s energy costs. For example, using a cover board minimizes the literal and figurative impact of hail.

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