Swamp Cooler Cover For Winter


An easy way to do this is by cutting a double piece of cardboard or a piece of insulation to the size of the opening. Protect your evaporative cooler with a cover to avoid the damaging effects of the elements during the winter months.

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Evaporative cooling vents can be a huge source of draughts and heat loss in winter.

Swamp cooler cover for winter. When you are sure everything inside the cooler is clean and dry, you need to cover it with a properly sized swamp cooler cover. Please follow and like us: The cooler must breathe in the winter, or the heat from the house will form condensation inside the.

Cover the unit to stop cold outside air from entering your home through the cooler. These covers will not only protect your swamp cooler during the winter, but it also helps to reduce what you need to do to prepare it for the summer months. Replace the cooling pads as well.

If there is a damper on the swamp cooler, then it might be possible to close this as well. Also, check if your cooler has a damper that can be closed to prevent warm air from escaping through the ductwork of your house. A good deal of homes using home cooler have a damper, which you can open or.

This will also keep the outside air from entering the building that uses the swamp cooler. After that, you’ll want to cover your cooler and close all the vents into your home. A cooler cover is easy to install by simply slipping it over the cooler and tying it down along the bottom and sides of the unit.

Clean the swamp cooler, replace pads if necessary and cover with swamp cooler cover after it’s dry. A cover is going to prevent outside air from entering the home. These covers are easy to install and help lower heating costs.

In this giy video i show you two simple ways to seal them up for winter. Our cooler covers stand up to harsh winter weather. Shop evaporative cooler covers to winterize your swamp cooler and save on heating bills with a canvas or polyester cooler cover.

To keep rusting to a minimum in the winter, have new pads installed in the swamp cooler. Get your vent covers today from dawson heating & cooling and start saving $$. Finally, install a cover for the swamp cooler itself.

Most home coolers have a damper that can be closed that will prevent most of the air from entering the ducts and getting into the building. 4.6 out of 5 stars. Helps to prevent rust and corrosion on cooler and cooler parts.

Completely seal your vents in a matter of minutes, keeping the heat in. Protecting your evaporative cooler with a cover will protect the unit from the elements during the winter months. This will prevent rust from developing in the swamp cooler during the winter.

To winterize, unplug from the power source, disconnect and drain the tubes. Then, clear the water lines running to your cooler. This is a solution for evaporative cooling vents only.

After everything inside of the cooler is clean and dry, cover it with a swamp cooler cover. Also, drain standing water that has collected over time and dry the pads. 40w x 40d x 43h down draft heavy duty canvas cover for evaporative swamp cooler (40 x 40 x 43) 4.8 out of 5 stars 52 42 in.

This will ensure your evaporative cooler is protected from the harsh winter cold. To winterize your swamp cooler, first, drain the water from the pan. Keeps heated air in during the winter months.

Your evaporative cooler is now ready for winter. Evaporative cooler down discharge cover One uses clear contact and is super quick and effective.

All cooler covers are oversized to allow for shrinkage and minor cooler cabinet size variations. 37 x 37 x 42 swamp cooler. A cooler should never be covered with a tarp, or plastic.

We offer a wide range of standard sizes for practically every cooler model, or we can make custom cooler covers to your specifications. From inside the house, remove the vent cover and install the cardboard or insulation into the opening and then put the cover back on. It stops the outside air from entering the home or building being supplied by the evaporative cooler.

3.7 out of 5 stars. Water repellent and mildew resistant. This is because a cover will keep your cooler cleaner and easier to clean prior to needing to use it again.

The fact that winters are relatively mild is no excuse for not winterizing your swamp cooler, however (and if you live in an area that gets snow, that's more reason to winterize). Heavy duty canvas swamp cooler cover. How much heat are you losing through your evaporative cooler vents?

Should you need evaporative cooler repair or new a new one before that next hot season starts. Secure the covering with bungee cords or a rope. After you cover your evap cooler, ensure the.

Remember, the winter storms are coming so make sure the cover is securely tied down on your glenwood springs, aspen or. Cover vent coming into the home You should measure your unit before purchasing one, as they need to be tightly fit.

If you have to purchase a swamp cooler cover, be sure to measure the unit carefully to ensure a snug fit. After draining the water before freezing temperatures arrive, covering your evaporative cooler is the last step. Measure your cooler, then buy a cover that fits snugly over your model without being fully airtight.

Make sure to tie the ends so the cover doesn't fly off in a winter storm. Mcp44 plastic window evaporative cooler. With the below steps, you will keep your evaporative cooler protected during the cold months and also ensure that it will last longer.

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