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See more ideas about plants, purple ground cover, ground cover. Plus, the pink flowers and purple foliage really add some beauty!

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Roots spread up to three feet wide and the plant grows six inches to one foot tall.

Purple ground cover texas. They grow well in full sun. Try a different ground cover, such as (from top) lamb's ear, mexican feather grass or sedum. Creeping thyme (thymus serpyllum) creeping thyme is a ground cover plant that has small purple flowers and thrives in full sun.

Cut basil to freeze in oil. That is because lantana sellowiana (botanical name) covers the ground quickly with a mass of beautiful lavender flowers,. The flowers are great for attracting butterflies, and since these small plants can range from two to four feet in height, they make an excellent ground cover.

Ruby grass is a real show stopper in It has a long planting season and can be used as a ground cover where its foliage color blends well with other plants or as a container plant. Melinus nerviglumis ruby grass from www.magnoliagardensnursery.com:

Flowers are so prolific that they nearly cover the foliage in summer. Purple lantana is a perfect evergreen ground cover for anyone looking to add a big splash of color to their landscape. One of the more popular options for ground covers in shaded areas is the hosta plants.

Many ground covers are drought tolerant and water wise, adding a tough carpet of color in dry, sunny beds. Ground cover plants should be vigorous, with dense foliage and a spreading habit so as to adequately cover soil areas. If must mow, keep high to shade out germinating weeds;

Cast iron plant ”,mesic, grows slowly, evergreen. Do not protect plants with plastic! 9 groundcovers to add impact to your garden.

It’s really not a good idea to overseed with rye unless you have new, muddy construction and a dog! Maroon winter color is still showing in bed of purple wintercreeper euonymus in sperry home landscape. See more ideas about ground cover, plants, ground cover plants.

Perhaps one of the prettiest shaded ground cover options, the purple oxalis is a perennial that can be used as ground cover. This is a great texas groundcover. Outstanding vines and groundcovers for texas.

Ground covers should be evergreen and winter hardy and may be a vine or low shrub. The maintenance on the purple oxalis is very low, requiring only a pruning once every handful of years. Used in landscaping, fresh & dried arrangements, ground cover, and erosion control.

Botanically it’s euonymus fortune ‘coloratus,’ a selection of the species that’s noted for turning maroon in the cold weather of winter. It tolerates and is still attractive in shade but the foliage is more greenish in color. Surface plants to cover ground area usually maintained at a height less than 18 inches.

Foliage is a rich burgundy in full sun. Ground covers are often used in tight leftover areas so as to reduce lawn maintenance in such areas. Purple wintercreeper gets its name because the plants deep green summer color fades to a reddish purple during the winter months.

Frog fruit (phyla nodiflora) — low growing ground cover 3’4″, xeric, blooms. Its dense growth pattern makes for a great weed deterrent. Get that row cover ready!

Plant in an area with no foot traffic. Royal dewflower (drosanthemum speciosum) carpets the ground with vibrant blooms in varieties of pink, purple, and red. Purple color is more intense with additional water.

Yarrow is a plant that produces very tinny blooms that are red, pink, yellow, or white. Texas superstar plants, descriptions and details. Chamomile (chamaemelum spp.) — annual herb, mesic, pm shade, bloom used for tea.

Purple fountain grass will die back in winter.

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