Pool Drain Cover Came Off


If chlorine level is low or zero, shock the pool again, until a chlorine reading can be measured 24 hours later. I am foolhardy to even consider this but could i dive down and use a garden hose to breathe through?

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Often, repeating these methods with the addition of lubricant.

Pool drain cover came off. Place the old drain to one side, and slot the new drain cover into the main pool drain. Try to avoid disturbing ice on a pool cover, since its sharp edges can cause tears easily. Its very important to put the cover back on with the correct screws (stainless steel).

We stock a wide array of pool supplies in new haven county, ct to meet your needs, from. Signs of this being the case include One of my main drain covers broke, and i am having a very difficult time finding a replacement.

Vacuum the pool slowly by hand, then brush the pool well. Ad huge selection of winter covers at savings that will blow your mind! In this video i take you through the steps of replacing drain covers.

For all other pool types, and for vinyl liner pools not currently needing a new liner, you can not delete a main drain completely but you can decommission it by disconnecting it from the plumbing system (or plugging it). Almost all pool main drains can potentially be. Or should i call a professional.

Pool drain cover came off. I am foolhardy to even consider this but could i. Hayward is a leading manufacturer in the swimming pool industry and offers a wide variety of white goods that provide years of long lasting.

Fri, jun 3, 2005 7:28 pm. You may have to swim up for air and then swim back down several times until you get it removed. 2 attach the face ring to the pool main drain with screws.

The drain cover came off, it is in the deep end and i need to get down. Lift the cover up out of the drain hole when it has been unfastened. Shop here and pay way less for winter pool covers!

Main drain cover came off. Shop here and pay way less for winter pool covers! On our list of the 5 common causes of pool leaks, one that may be considered a pool owner’s worst fear is a leak in the skimmer pipe.

With the new cover in your hand, dive to the bottom of the pool. Brush the pool walls and steps. Twist the cover counterclockwise if no screws hold it down.

Contact options for registered users. I don't drain the pool so that is not an option. The assumption is that there is a leak there.

The vgb pool & spa safety act requires the use of safety drain covers on all pool and spa installations, to. And screw it back on. We recommend that you consult with a pool industry professional about upgrading your drain covers to make sure that your pool or spa is compliant with the vgb p&ssact.

The design of a pool safety drain cover allows more water to flow through the cover, to reduce the risk of a swimmer being trapped by powerful suction. The returns were tested with circulation off and dye. Drain covers installed before december 19, 2008, may not be part of this recall, but that does not mean the facility is compliant with the vgb act.

Your new drain should be sized sufficiently to fit into the drain hole. I recently purchased a house with an in ground concrete pool (pool is filled with water). He claimed that a pressure test was not possible with our system.

You probably don't need to replace your pool water,instead get the pieces of cover out of it, skim it until the big chunks (leaves and such) are out, and then shock the bejesus out of the thing. You will need to unscrew the old drain, and pocket the screws. The drain cover should not have come loose from wear and tear.

Water is returned to the pump via the skimmer. I noticed the drain cover was not affixed and upon closer view noticed that the drain screws are broken off, making the cover not stay on. If you don't see any screws, then the cover twists on and off.

If there is ice on the pool, you must let it melt before you pump the water off. Even though i'm in southern california, where literally everyone has a pool, i can only imagine this. Turn off your filtration system, and make sure that there is no suction in the drain.

To test this, either turn the pump off or close the skimmer valves and run the pump on drain only. It seems that its an odd size, at 7 in diameter. Some one either put in the wrong screws, did not tighten down the correct screws or did not put in the screws and the plaster held it on for awhile.

The drain cover came off, it is in the deep end and i need to get down and screw it back on. Run the pool filter, but keep the pool cleaner out of the pool, and the pool heater off, and no solar cover. Vgb approved pool drain covers from in the swim replace existing pool drain covers to protect swimmers from being caught in the drain’s suction.

All i can find is 8 drian covers. In 2007 the united states passed the virginia graeme baker pool and spa safety act. Further testing indicates that the main drain is not the leak source.

The two screw holes are 6.5 on center. Alternatively, use a metal coat hanger or other strong material to loop around the holes in the drain cover, then pull, or use the hook end of a hammer to pry the cover loose. Ripping up your pool deck and replacing the pipe is fortunately very rare.

The main drain pipe was sealed with putty by a prior owner. Is there something im missing? Ad huge selection of winter covers at savings that will blow your mind!

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