How To Make A Cushion Cover With Piping


Step 0 introduction step 1 calc fabric quantity step 2 cut fabric step 3 overlock panels step 4 cut piping fabric step 5 make piping step 6 attach piping step 7 join the panels step 8 insert zip step 8b insert zip part 2 step 9 finish cushion On two opposite sides, turn in a 1/4.

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Finally, open the zip and turn the whole cushion cover inside out, through the zip hole.

How to make a cushion cover with piping. For example, cushions are often 20×20 inches; Sew all around the edges (except for the side with the zip). On the bottom edge, close to the piping, sew a straight 2 inch seam on both sides to create the zip opening.

Covering the join of the piping. I usually make the cover slightly smaller than the cushion insert so the finished cushion will be fatter, but bear in mind you need enough for your seam allowances still. On a square cover, pin the covered piping to the right side of the top cover piece, with cut edges together and the stitching on piping 1.5cm (5/8 in) from the outer edge of the cover.

Then turn your piping at a. When you get to the corners, lower the needle and lift the foot to turn the cushion panel. This can be the same fabric as your project or a contrasting fabric.

One metre of standard width (137cm) furnishing fabric is enough for three plain cushions with either zip or standard button fastening to fit up to 45cm x 45cm size. This is the simplest & fastest method for sewing a cushion cover. Plus, a link to making your own piping.

Use your zipper foot to straight stitch around the edge of the piping. At each corner, snip into piping fabric up to stitching. Here you see it as plaid piping on the dog print pillow.

Line up the piping with the edges of the cushion. When you reach a corner, snip into the raw edge of the piping all the way (but not through) the rope piping. Most often you will find this trim on pillows, slipcovers and furniture.

Cut the string/cord approx 1″ shorter and then fold back the casing to the inside so that you have a neat edge of the end and the string/cord cut. To join them together firstly unpick a few stitches on the piping and open the casing up to reveal the string/cord inside. The piping is a bit fiddly but it adds an extra luxury touch which is probably worth the effort.

Place the two squares of fabric against each other (right sides facing in, so that the piping is sandwiched in the middle) and pin in place. Fabric over the cord and then add 1 inch extra to this. This means that your back covers should be 20 inches wide and 15 inches tall.

Be sure the raw edge of your piping is facing the raw edge of the fabric. Pin the piping to the front cushion panel by matching up the raw edges with right sides together. Lay the piping loop on the cushion back and pin in place, then snip the corners so the curve sits flat and then pin in place step 10 stitch the piping to the cushion front following your previous stitches as a guide

Where the piping overlaps, trim the cord back so that the ends meet and wrap the trimmed cord with the folded end of the fabric. To do this, fold the fabric from about ½ an inch from the edge. The square, however will need to be cut on the straight of grain, rather than on the bias.

Take a square of the fabric that you have used for the piping. Lay the right sides of the cushion panels together. Here’s the front panel of the cushion cover with the piping sewn in place.

The dimensions will need to be the same as the width of the bias strips you have used to wrap around the piping. Cut out two panels of fabric to fit your cushion cover. In fact typical sized cushions can be completed in about 30 minutes each.

Sew the bottom edge of your top piece, as well as the top edges of your back pieces. You should just be able to see the white stitching in this photo. If you do not have a long fabric strip, join together small fabric strips to get the longer length.

For a cushion inner 45cm x 45cm, the actual size of the cushion cover should be around 42.5cm x 42.5cm.

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