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It only grows to about 1” tall with small leaves that measure only about 5mm (1/8”) long. Corsican mint (mentha requenii) is an edible groundcover with a creme de menthe flavour.

Mentha Requienii – Corsican Mint – 10 Count Flat – 45 Pots – Groundcover Herb Perennial – Mint Plants Gardener Direct

The minty fragrance will delight all who sit there!

Corsican mint ground cover for sale. Herb ground covers such as creeping thyme make fragrant stepables for garden paths, walkways and herbal lawns. Four months later the area is well on its way to being covered in corsican mint. Due to its low growing habit, it is perfect as a ground cover and when in a favourable position it can withstand some light footfall!

Corsican mint tolerates light foot traffic making it an ideal choice. 3.3 out of 5 stars. A fragrant, mint scented groundcover, which is excellent between pavers.

Mentha requienii ~ corsican mint. That is the aroma that fills the air when planted as a groundcover. People often plant it around pavers & steeping.

Corsican mint is used to make creme de menthe. 5% off your lowe’s advantage card purchase: It is a very low growing, spreading herb, only getting to a max of 10cm tall.

It has also been naturalized in portugal & the british isles. Sensational, mat forming groundcover that features tight green, aromatic foliage and tiny lavender flowers in summer. Your own living seat, sculpted from earth and upholstered in corsican mint.

Ground cover, will spread indefinitely. It is frost sensitive, but will recover. Corsican mint or mentha requienii, is a ground cover with small, rounded, aromatic leaves and tiny light purple blooms in summer.

A small pot can be pulled apart to plugs. Uses for corsican mint ground cover:. This diminutive mint creeps along, hugging the ground with its deeply scented leaves and tiny purple flowers.

We are often asked how far apart to plant creeping ground covers and this is a perfect example of economy versus time. It tolerates a fair amount of foot traffic after it is established. The leaves are not as palatable like peppermint but release a more intense scent and is used as the flavoring of creme de mint.

The corsican mint offers invigorating mint scented foliage which is a welcome addition to any fragrant herb garden. It is a matting plant and does spread quite well, so its width is indeterminate. The plant is comfortable with sunlight and some occasional shade in.

Get 5% off your eligible purchase or order charged to your lowe. Corsican mint, mentha requienii, is a delightful low growing ground cover. Recognised to be an excellent attractant and nectar source for bees and other beneficial insects.

4.5 out of 5 stars. It is an excellent plant for growing between pavers and will spread at. It is frost sensitive, but will recover.

A fragrant, mint scented groundcover, which is excellent between pavers. Corsican mint is an herb native to the island of corsica & mainland italy. Mint seeds mentha corsican mini mint 25 multi pelleted seeds perennial ground cover seeds.

Corsican mint needs a bit more effort and care than most garden varieties of mint, which are so low care they can become invasive with very little effort. Each plug will spread to form a mat at least 12 by the end of the year. This is a fascinating ground hugging mint, corsican mint has tiny foliage and with a creeping habit it makes a good ground cover plant for damp shaded positions.

Tiny light purple flowers bloom in summer while the green foliage fills the air with a refreshing mint fragrance. Mentha requienii, corsican mint starter plant (5 plants) 2.0 out of 5 stars. Divide in spring or autumn.

Additional information mint plants info page. Ground covers and stepables are an important part of the herb garden. Corsican mint is a ground cover that can replace baby's tears in mild climates.

One of the smallest members of the mint family, it is much used for landscaping and bedding. Suitable for rockeries, planting between paving stones and looks great as a carpet plant to cover soil in pots beneath taller growing plants. 20 corsican mint mentha requienii herb fragrant ground cover flower seeds + gift.

Login to rate or review this product (0 ratings, 0 reviews) browse by herb plants. This plant will tolerate light foot traffic which makes it a perfect choice to fill paving cracks. The smallest member of the mint family, also known as mini mint.

Mentha requienii corsican mint, this is the smallest of all the mint species, native to corsica, sardinia, france and mainland italy. Corsican mint can be somewhat finicky, especially when it comes to irrigation. Tiny mauve flowers will appear midsummer.

Bulk corsican mint mentha requienii herb fragrant ground cover flower jocad (1000 seeds) $99.99.

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