Blue Pacific Juniper Ground Cover


Juniper, ground cover, dying, certain, areas, blue pacific · 9336 views save print email. Ideal for erosion control on slopes.


Juniper shrubs are also tolerant to salty or sandy soils and can be planted near the coast.

Blue pacific juniper ground cover. Also, the blue pacific juniper’s attractiveness allows it to. A notably heat tolerant variety. With its dense, blue foliage, the blue pacific juniper (juniperus rigida conferta 'blue pacific') makes an attractive ground cover in the garden.

It is noted for having better blue foliage color, better ground cover form, more dense foliage along the branches and a better resistance to winter injury. When young it resembles a starfish, and with somewhat diligent pruning it can be kept this way. In general, junipers are really great plants that are misused and abused by people who plant them.but some are better than others, and green mound, juniperus procumbens nana, is the pick of.

Apart to form a dense enough mat to crowd out weeds and control weeds with mulch until the plants cover the area. This juniper is great for use as a groundcover plant on steep slopes or as a wide border in landscape beds. ‘blue pacific’ is similar to ‘blue rug’ juniper and is a plant which works well on.

Blue pacific juniper ground cover dying in certain areas? Needles are soft, but sharp tipped. Blue pacific juniper is a trailing, low growing, evergreen conifer, surprisingly soft to the touch.

The aromatic, pointed needles keep good color all year and the dense foliage spreads rapidly. Works well as a ground cover and as a mass planting. A ground cover juniper…truthfully, the only one i commonly recommend.hardy zone 4 to 9.

This juniper is a practical solution for sunny slopes where water runs off so quickly that plants are apt to go thirsty. Blue pacific juniper is among the fastest growing junipers with a rate of slow to moderately fast. It needs well drained soil with average to medium.

Blue pacific juniper, juniperus conferta ‘blue pacific', is a fragrant evergreen shrub also commonly called shore juniper. The blue pacific cultivar, is gaining popularity among junipers. As a ground cover, space plants 5 ft.

This trailing juniper is drought tolerant and prefers less moisture in its root systems. The 'blue pacific' is ideal for erosion control, and is deer, drought, and disease resistant. It’s ability to spread and cascade down walls and pots make it a.

‘blue pacific’ has a low growing, trailing habit and blue green foliage. Our juniper ground cover is dying in certain area, while other areas remain green. To plant, dig a hole no deeper than the root ball and.

With maturity, it provides a very effective, solid. Why i love/hate this plant: This wonderful, low, spreading form makes a superb groundcover, group planting or single specimen.

'blue pacific' makes a good groundcover for full sun slopes. See more ideas about ground cover, pacific blue, juniper. Watering the blue rug juniper typically takes approximately 6 weeks to establish new roots in the soil.

Creates a dense groundcover mat. Plant blue pacific juniper ground cover in a hole double the size of the root ball. Blue rug junipers (juniperus horizontalis 'wiltonii') are an evergreen plant that grows only 6 inches tall but can spread 6 to 8 feet wide in a moderate quick period of time.

It starts out going from dark green then the green fades to. Juniperus procumbens nana aka green mound juniper. How to grow and care for blue rug juniper.

Low growing and dense, juniperus c. Grow this juniper in a full sun spot, and water once the soil has completely dried. Use to soften walls, allowing the shrub to cascade freely.

Similar to the blue rug juniper, this plant works well on slopes too difficult to continually maintain with a lawnmower.

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