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The stamens grow from opposite sides to resemble a wishbone. I would plant a a single species or a mix of shade tolerant ground covers instead.

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Prices range from about $4 to more than $400 for seeds.

Blue flower ground cover shade. In late spring this ground cover produce small flowers in shades of. Ideal low groundcover that also flowers well in light shade. It forms a carpet of blue and white starflowers during spring and summer but needs a little attention and care in dry spells.

Use it in sun or shade to cover large areas under tall trees or across sloping banks. Blue moon phlox grows in zones 3 to 8 in full shade to part shade and part sun. While it can grow in both white and purple/blue varieties, blue is the most common.

Bunchberry (cornus canadensis) david beaulieu/the spruce. ‘black scallop’ also sends up short spikes of dark blue flowers from april to june. Sweet woodruff ( galium odoratum) is a hardy perennial ground cover for shade that flowers.

Vinca is tolerant of drought, shade, deer, and rocky, clay or sandy soils. Tip prune young plants to encourage branching and trim lightly after flowering. The early summer flower clusters are pink, white or blue.

It forms a dense cover about 30cm high, but if you want something lower, denser and tighter, look for asiatic star jasmine (trachelospermum asiaticum), especially the cultivar 'flat mat'. The best feature of this plant is the root system that grows deeper and denser than other ground covers. Tolerant of coastal conditions if protected from direct coastal winds.

Ground covers can make shady yards and gardens more attractive and easier to maintain. The plant has other varieties as well with pink, yellow, purple, and white flowers. Blue flower ground cover shade.

Bunchberry ( cornus canadensis) is a native plant in northern regions of north america. Partial to full shade is ideal for ajugas. The wonderful characteristic of producing a beautiful pale blue bloom while growing in the shade is the reason for the common name of this surefire winner:

That's right, it is a perennial ground cover that continuously blooms in the shade! 8 blue flowers for ground cover: In moist shade and in good soil, this plant can rapidly cover large areas of the ground, making it a good alternative to poorly growing grass in some cases.

One of the reasons why this perennial is a great ground cover plant is that it grows well in shady areas where other plants don’t thrive. Add beauty and interest to a landscape. In full shade, the plant will produce fewer of the distinct fragrant white flowers.

It looks great under ferns, in rockeries, shady areas or even at the edge of a garden pond. Blue star creeper is a popular ground cover for moist environments. Reaches 8 to 12 inches tall with a spread of 10 to 12 inches wide.

Purple, white, or blue flowers bloom in spring and summer. With runners along the surface of the ground, bugleweed reaches a height of 3 to 6 inches. Sweet woodruff is a flowering ground cover plant for shade.

Bellflowers make a perfect ground cover plant and also grow well in window boxes. In addition, lesser periwinkle can add harmony to your garden, since it thrives as well in sun as in shade. Periwinkle is a fast growing evergreen ground cover that has pretty blue or purple flowers in the spring with glossy dark green foliage.

The flowers last from spring to early summer, but the gorgeous foliage lasts throughout fall. In early summer, it shoots up stalks of white flowers that may grow an additional four to six inches above the foliage. Mint is the best option for ground cover as it grows aggressively in the shade to partial shade.

Grow in tough spots and rockeries, or co. Suited to most well drained soils. 8 blue flowers for ground cover:

Best ground covers for shade. Be careful with periwinkle, however, as it tends to take over the area it is in quite rapidly. Plant in full sun or partial shade.

Full sun and part shade. There is no other plant that can claim all of these characteristics. Bellflower is a superb spreading plant that quickly covers the ground.

Free shipping on orders over $50. Learn about eight perennial ground covers that thrive in the shade. Shear it all over after flowering finishes.

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